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Cold weather on the way

January 16, 2002

Albany-- It's going to be downright cold over the next few days. We might even see a couple of snowflakes Friday morning.

Workers at Bennett's Garden Center are preparing for the cold weather--carefully covering tender vegetation. Robin Gardner says, "The cloth needs to be placed around it with something around it to keep it from blowing off."

Temperatures overnight could reach the freezing point. By the weekend, lows will be below 32 degrees--deadly weather for plants. The cold weather is also dangerous for pets. Make sure to bring both pets and plants indoors when the weather gets frosty.

Cold weather can mean some high gas bills. One way to keep your next gas bill low: set your thermostat at 68 degrees. WG&L spokesperson Lorie Farkas says, "I never hear anyone that has it that low. I hear 75 degrees, a lady the other day has 85 degrees. That's the number one abuser putting it up so it is really hot in homes."

Burning some fire wood is a cheap way to warm things up--also wearing extra layers of clothing will keep you cozy and keep your gas bill down. Farkas says, "Home at 68 degrees and watching TV wear robe over pajamas or sweater raising body temperature to 73 degrees which is perfectly comfortable temperature--nose chilly but pocket book fatter."

These few last minute moves will keep you well protected in the cold weather. Be sure to turn off any automated sprinkler systems overnight to prevent freezing. Also, check on any elderly neighbors or family members to make sure they're staying warm.

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