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Teachers stand behind Sonny

January 16, 2003

Albany- Many teachers who supported Sonny Perdue on election day are standing behind his budget proposal. Even though it will effect their checkbooks.

The governor's budget plan proposes no raises for state employees. It's the first time in years a governor has not recommended at least small increases for teachers, university professors and other state workers.

Many teachers say they are more concerned with problems in their classrooms resulting from Roy Barnes' education reform.

"I hate that we're not getting a raise, but it seems to be a problem I don't know if Gov. Barnes could have solved," said Leslie Brunson, a history teacher at Westover High School. "I think Sonny's left with having to repair and recover an economy that is going to take some time to fix."

"He inherited a deficit and he shouldn't spend money he doesn't have," added Jaime Claymore, a Latin teacher at Westover. "So it's probably a good idea for right now until Georgia recovers from the little slump that were in economically.

Along with no raises, about four thousand vacant state jobs will not be filled and 600 jobs will be cut. Right now, the state is $620 million short of balancing the budget.

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