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How clean is TOO clean?

January 16, 2003

Albany-- Parents have always been told to keep kids hands clean. Now some doctors say it's not a great idea to chase little ones around the yard with baby wipes.

If you don't build your immune system up as a child, you could end up with asthmatic problems later in life.

Babies develop their immune systems during their first six months of life. Pediatric doctors say exposure to dirt and bacteria builds immunity, making kids less likely to have allergies which can lead to asthma.

"As long as you clean hands before and after meals,"said Pediatrician Dr. Bruce Smith. "They get dirty, play hard, get in the yard. Especially with problem of obesity in America too. Wash hands before eat and things of that nature."

Getting dirty doesn't illuminate allergies, just helps build. That's why when you move to another region or state, your body is not used to the environment causing new allergies.

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