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Don Buie may face criminal charge for lying on job form

Albany - (WALB)

Fired downtown Albany manager Don Buie may face criminal charges for lying on a job form.

WALB News 10 has obtained a questionnaire where Buie checked "no" to the question of whether he's ever been convicted of violating any law other than traffic laws.

A prosecutor says that's a crime called "Giving False statements to a Government Entity" and carries a five year prison sentence.

WALB News 10 has also learned that the Albany City Manager will change his hiring practices after an investigation revealed he hired a convicted felon as downtown manager.

Al Lott says he relied on a management consulting firm to conduct the employment background check on Don Buie.

The check only went back seven years, not far enough to reveal that Buie was convicted of bank fraud in Maryland in 1994.

Lott now says he will change the way prospective employees are screened, and he will likely get the Police Chief involved in the process.

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