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Governor's tax plan unpopular

^ Ed Rynders (R) Dist 137 ^ Ed Rynders (R) Dist 137

January 16, 2003

(Atlanta-AP) -- Opposition has been quick to form to Governor Perdue's budget recommendations -- even from within his own party.

Republican Representative Ed Rynders is a freshman lawmaker from Albany. He said it will be hard for him to go home and tell constituents he's going to raise their taxes.

"The Republicans as always, signed a no-tax-increase pledge, but we understand we inherited this budget situation."

Perdue's recommendations call for increasing so-called "sin taxes" on liquor and cigarettes. Many homeowners likely will face higher property tax bill under another part of his plan.

Democrats -- hoping to regain the governor's office in four years -- have been quick to express disdain. Teachers also are disappointed about no pay raise. It's the first time in years a governor has not recommended some adjustment for teachers, university professors and state employees.

Perdue says he's not surprised about the opposition. He told reporters his budget plan is "like a cold splash of icy water when you see it for the first time."

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