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Men rob post office and take off on four-wheeler

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ARLINGTON, GA (WALB) - Three men are charged with stealing from an Arlington post office.

Investigators say two brothers rushed in the post office around three o'clock, jumped the counter, stole cash, and left the office on a stolen four-wheeler.

After they crashed the four-wheeler a friend picked them up in the getaway car.

Postal employee Alma Hightower struggles to hold back tears, shaken up from yesterday's robbery where investigators say two brothers, 19-year-old Anthony Williams and 22-year-old Michael Hayes jumped the post office counter, stole some cash, and ran out the door.

That's because Ms. Hightower was in the bathroom. But Billy Davis across the street at Auto Pro and Tire, saw the whole thing.

"We saw them dip in the post office from up the side. They had their faces covered up. A few minutes later we saw one come to the door, go back in, then come back running down to the railroad tracks," said Davis.

Across the tracks sat the get-a-way vehicle, a 4-wheeler, which didn't get them far.

After the two men left the post office, they came speeding down the road, hit an embankment, and almost flipped the four-wheeler. It tossing them, the pistol, and cash on the ground. But the four wheeler kept going, and they went after it.

Willie Winns witnessed the crash and watched them run across his yard, something he found quite comical.

"When they hit that hill it stood up, that's when they fell off," Winns said laughing.

The men caught up with the four wheeler where it crashed.

"They tried to crank it and then they took off running," said Winns.

19-year-old Jemychal Salter was waiting nearby in the real get-a-way car to pick the brothers up.

Now all three Arlington men are in the Calhoun county jail, facing local robbery charges, and pending federal charges of robbing a postal facility.

But Arlington residents are still a bit uneasy.

If the federal charges go through the men could face up to 25 years in prison

Arlington Police Chief says he recently applied for a grant to pay for 16 surveillance cameras in downtown Arlington to watch out for criminal activity.


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