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Triplets celebrate Sweet Sixteen



January 15, 2003

Colquitt County - Three cakes, three presents, and three new teenagers are hitting the road. Samantha, Stephanie, and Steven Lamb of Colquitt County turned 16 on Wednesday.

We first introduced you to the Lamb triplets on January 14, 1988, a day before their 1st birthday. They appeared on the "Town and Country Show." Now, the three little Lambs have grown up. Turning 16 and getting drivers' licenses is a milestone for teenagers, but three teens triples the price of getting behind the wheel.

"They can't get their licenses until they get a job to pay for car insurance, gas, and car payments," said mother Pat Lamb." Pat and her husband Grady are used to pinching pennies for food, diapers, braces, now cars -- times three.

"I am getting a job this summer to buy a car," said Stephen. "My sisters have promised to pay for the gas and insurance, if I buy the car."

"I want to get my license this week," said Stephanie. "Not me," said Samantha. "Mom and dad are letting us drive their van until we buy our own car."

The oldest child, Stephanie, was born at 4:27am on January 15th, 1987. Samantha and Steven came within two minutes after her. The girls are identical twins. Of course, Steven is fraternal, making for a rare trio.

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