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MCLB equipment tracking system



January 15, 2003

Dougherty County --As the United States military deploys thousands of troops and tons of equipment to the Persian Gulf, keeping track of it all is a tremendous challenge. The Albany Marine Base plays a vital role in making sure combat soldiers have the gear needed if war begins.

Lead Industrial Specialist Rita Merritt is making sure ground combat vehicles have been serviced before delivery to the Persian Gulf. From her computer at Albany's Marine Base, Merritt is one of 30 workers running the Corps Master Work Schedule.

A global computer tracking system, their job is to coordinate the Marines' combat equipment, from pistols to tanks. To move the equipment where it is needed, and make sure it stays in working order. The Chief of Staff of the Marine Logistics Bases, Colonel Peter Underwood said " We can't speculate on potential operations. We like to say that we can go anywhere at a moment's notice. So it is very vital at all times."

The Albany base monitors and commands the two Marine Depots in Albany and Barstow, California. The Maintenance Center repairs and refurbishes the Marines equipment on a regular schedule. The Master Work Schedule group keeps track of the equipment, financially and engineering, to maximize it's effectiveness.

Colonel Underwood said "At certain points we see it needs to be repaired, just like your car. It comes into our depots, we repair it, and send it back out to the users." As the military continues deployment to the Persian Gulf, and the possibility of war increases, people at the Albany Marine Base are busy making sure they have the equipment needed for action.

The Master Work Scheduling system controls and coordinates 180 million dollars in repair work at the two Marine Depots in Albany and Barstow.

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