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More Airmen deploy from Moody



January 15, 2003


One by one, the Moody airmen filed out of the base theater Tuesday night and boarded a bus that will take them their point of departure. They've just finished briefing-- an hour long session with their superiors to prepare them for what's ahead.

"We've been training for this and we've got a really motivated group ready to go out and do our job," said Technical Sgt. Michael Dorsey.

After boarding the bus, they have about a two mile ride to the runway, where a C-17 tranport plane, one of the world's largest aircraft, is waiting.

"We're going to go over there, hopefully get the job done safely and soon," said Dorsey.

The airmen are part of the 823rd Security Forces Squadron. Their job is one of the air force's most important - protecting the thousands of men and women who are protecting the Unites States.

"We're responsible for airfield protection, military protection and basically making sure everything is safe, secure, and in order," said Airmen Mauricio Leon.

After saying their final goodbyes, the airmen receive their weapons, load onto the C-17 aircraft and take flight into the sky.

This makes approximately 10 deployments from Moody Air Force Base in the past two weeks. More troops are scheduled to fly out later this week, along with a large hardware equipment loading.

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