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Dead man's family disputes D A.'s claim

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Dougherty District Attorney will not file charges against two men involved in the shooting death of a masked man who tried to rob them Saturday.

District Attorney Greg Edwards says 22-year-old Reginald Wilson and 23-year-old Michael Parrish acted in self-defense. 20-year-old Christopher Childress was shot and killed in their front yard at 202 North Madison.

Police say they want 35-year-old Shaun Wimberly, who also lives in the 200 block of North Madison, for questioning in the case. Police also are looking for two cars, a silver Honda, seen leaving the robbery scene with four men inside, all wearing red shirts and red bandanas.

Also a faded blue Honda, that had three men also wearing red shirts and red bandanas.

Police and the D. A. say there is no doubt the "Bloods" gang was involved in Saturday's attempted robbery that ended in Childress' death. But his grieving family, who only moved to Albany one month ago, say Childress was not a gang member.

Investigators say they have been able to trace Christopher Childress' ties to the Bloods gang back to San Antonio Texas, before he moved to Albany. His family says Childress moved to Albany to help care for his blind mother, and they have lots of questions about his death.

"Lord, he didn't deserve this." The mother of Christopher Childress, Shantel Jackson and his sister Laquisha Hines, say police are wrong, and don't understand why he was shot and killed Saturday morning just two doors from his home on North Madison.

"He was not a gang member," Jackson said. "He does not know anybody here to be a gang member."

But police and the D. A. say he was wearing the Bloods armed robbery disguise when he was shot.

 "He had on a gang bandana," D. A. Greg Edwards said. "A gang mask. Was wearing rubber gloves, in an attempt to conceal finger prints that might have been left at the crime scene."

Police say Childress knocked on the front door of this apartment, then hid around the corner. 22 year old Reginald Wilson got suspicious and went to get his 40 caliber handgun. His roommate 23 year old Michael Parrish opened the door.

Albany Police Detective Darrell Laster said "When the roommate answered the door, that was when he was pulled out at gunpoint. That was when Mr. Wilson came out, saw his roommate was held at gunpoint. And that's when he fired upon the suspect."

 "The law allows a person to defend or use deadly force to defend against a forcible felony. And that's what we had here," Edwards said.

It turned out Childress was armed with a realistic looking BB gun. His family says he was shot seven times, and don't believe the police investigation.

"How you going to dismiss a case after somebody shot seven times, and then you let them go. that person that shot my brother. That don't add up at all," Sister Laquisha Hines said.

"I'm here to tell you this place sucks," Shantel Jackson said. "I can't stand this place. I can't stand your police department or nothing. I can't stand this place. I hate that I every came here."

Meanwhile the two robbery victims, Wilson and Parrish, packed up that morning and fled the city.

"They are obviously scared, obviously shaken up," said Albany Police Lt. Eddie Jones. 

The District Attorney and Police say something like this was inevitable. People in Albany have been arming themselves after a series of home invasions and gang robberies.

The D. A. says people are fully justified in defending themselves, so there will be no charges against the victims in this case.

If you have any information, call CRIMESTOPPERS at 229-436-TIPS.


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