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Sinyard renews consolidation talk

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By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - County Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard put the topic of consolidating Albany and Dougherty County governments back on the table.  

He told commissioners to review the charter and be prepared to discuss it.   Sinyard made good on his promise to get the board talking about merging city and county governments by late summer or early fall.

Commissioners Muarlene Edwards and Gloria Gaines were not on the commission during the original vote.

Now, all the information about consolidation has been passed along to them and is ready to be reviewed by the entire commission.  

"It's about letting folks vote," said Sinyard. "I believe the people should have the ability to vote on how they're governed and if you think it's a good idea vote yea and if you think it's a bad idea vote no and then let it fall where it falls but let's let folks decide how they want to be governed."

 In the next 14 days, Sinyard hopes to decide how they'll handle the issue. He hopes the commission will take a vote by the end of October.

Sinyard said right now, they're looking at the possibility of a joint meeting between the city and county to discuss the issue.

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