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Expert doubts Raelian's claim

January 14, 2003

Albany -- A genetics expert says human cloning is still far from being accomplished. He describes the Raelians, who claim to have cloned a baby, as "bizarre."

In Decembers a cult called the Raelians claimed they had cloned a baby, and said they would use DNA evidence to prove it. But so far they have offered no proof.

 Sam Rhine, the Director of Genetic Education at Indiana University, says the odds are one thousand to one the Raelians have cloned a human.

Rhine said "I've been following their story for 4 or 5 years. The great laboratory they claim to have in the Eastern United States was actually an abandoned high school biology lab they were using. Totally lack of any medical credibility whatsoever."

Rhine said cloning research is still in an evolutionary process, far from being able to handle the complex structure of human cells.

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