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Adults guilty of texting while driving

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - In a Harris Interactive survey, more than twenty percent of adults admit to typing while driving, and eight percent said they do it often.

Seward Jartus is one of many adults addicted to texting. He says once he discovered just how easy and fast it was, it was hard to put the phone down, even in his car. "Initially when I first got a cell phone it has a keyboard and I never really understood the value of texting but as I got more and more into it I couldn't do without it, texting is just something that's as Important in my life as breathing is."

Jartus says he's also discovered just how dangerous texting on the roadways can be.

"I've looked up one or two times and really had to mash on my breaks because I'm texting so yeah I definitely have to be more careful."

According to a study released by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, truckers were twenty three times more likely to get in a crash while texting than when they were not.

Local law enforcement officials say its only a matter of time before Georgia joins the other fourteen states which put a ban on texting while driving.

"I think one day well see it in Georgia or at least have to go to a hands free cell phone but to me they are still concentrating on the conversation and not on the driving," said Dougherty County Sgt. Lee Reynolds.

As for Seward, that may be just what it take for him to put the phone down.

Georgia's only law regarding cell phones outlaws bus drivers from talking on the phone and driving.

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