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Reed Bingham is doing more with less

By Jade Bulecza - bio | email

Cook County, GA (WALB) - Reed Bingham State Park is doing more with less, becoming a statewide leader in cost-saving measures. The state cut nearly half of the park's budget, but thanks to private donations, Reed Bingham is thriving.

They received 100 gallons of gas. That's enough to run lawn mowers throughout the park two or three times.

"We keep hawks and owls and snakes and animals like that," said Park Manager Chet Powell. "You got to feed those. Probably one of the strangest contributions to most people, is 4000 dollars worth of dead rats."

Park Manager Chet Powell says any gift has a major impact.

Reed Bingham is raffling off a camper donated by two people from Adel Saturday at 6 p-m.

The park is extending a trail to Roundtree Bridge Road with the help from Home Depot, This will double the length of trails.

Powell says everyone can help the gates open by simply visiting the park.

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