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Police: Lock up your lawn equipment

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  Albany Police say the number of thefts of lawn equipment has increased in recent weeks.

A number of those thefts have been from commercial lawn companies, with thousands of dollars of equipment stolen.

Albany Police has teamed up with Lowe's to show people the latest technology to protect your lawn equipment from thieves.

Lowe's managers say they have heard from a number of their customers buying new trailers and mowers because their old ones were stolen. They say they have locks and chains that can help stop these thefts, and Police say it can be a wise investment to beat the thieves.

Investigators are shown the latest in locks and cables to protect what Police say is being targeted all across Albany. Professional lawn equipment on a trailer. Many times the thieves are so bold they take the trailer from the owner's home driveway, or even snatch it while they are doing a job.

"Taking it a loose and hooking up to their vehicle and pulling it off. Taking everything that the owner has,"  said Albany Police Sgt. Edward Heath. 

Many times that is several thousands of dollars worth of equipment gone in seconds. But Lowe's Assistant Store Manager Alan Mitchell says new locks and cables that are so hard bolt cutters or hacksaws can't cut them without great effort.

"Here I have a Sledge locking cable, that has a key to it. You loop it through your tire onto your axle on your trailer. That keeps anyone from being able to hook up to your trailer and pull it away. It locks the tire and keeps it from rolling," Mitchell said.

They also have locks that go over your trailer hitch, and cable locks that will shackle your mowers, trimmers, and blowers to the trailer so they can't be easily snatched.

Mitchell said "You hook it around the axle and it has a lock that goes into. Once you do that you can just hook it around the trailer, and put a lock on it."

Police also recommend that you record all the serial numbers of your lawn equipment so that if they are stolen, they can track and identify it if recovered.

"It makes it almost impossible to track it down without serial numbers. Make and models helps out a lot, but with serial numbers it makes it quick and to the point," said Detective Tim Harvey. 

Lowe's also has motion detector security lights, even some with alarms, to protect people's sheds and garages from thieves.

Lowe's and the Police say they know any lock or chain can be cut, but these new models are so hard that it is a real chore. Police say that most thieves will just pass by equipment if they see those locks, not willing to take the chance to take the time to try and break them.

Most of these locks are about $20, and Police say that can be a very wise investment to protect equipment worth thousands of dollars.

Police also ask you to keep an eye out for thieves. If you see suspicious activity near lawn equipment trailers, call them at 229-431-2100.

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