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Food pyramid could be rebuilt

January 13, 2002

Albany-- The government is taking another look at the "Food Pyramid"--the standard for good nutrition.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is reassessing the pyramid to bring it in line with the Institute of Medicine's eating guidelines. Many nutritionists find fault in the large number of servings the pyramid offers. For instance, six to eleven servings of breads, cereals and pasta is recommended. But, some say it's unclear how big those portions should be.

Palmyra Hospital Nutritionist Debbie Peters says, "Like fats--in the food pyramid it says you should use fats sparingly--but what does sparingly mean? With fat calories being twice that of other foods that's where we gain weight."

Peters' recommends that people who follow the pyramid eat the minimum number of servings. A new model for the pyramid is expected to be ready by 2005.

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