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How to preserve the history of Radium Springs Casino?

January 13, 2003

Albany - Is it worth it to salvage pieces of the Radium Springs Casino? That's what city commissioner will decide Monday night. County commissioners are giving the city $9,000 to help pay for removing the columns and the cyprus crown molding and paneling.

In a few months, the stately Radium Spring Casino will be a pile of rumble. But, a few historical pieces of the Albany landmark may escape the wrecking ball and find a home at the Parks of Chehaw.

"We would love to use some of the salvaged pieces," said Park Director Glenn Dobrogosz. "The gazeboes and the archway would make a prefect setting for weddings near our pond."

Dobrogosz is also interested in the rare cyprus woodwork in the main room. "It's definitely worth saving. We could use the cyprus at the park somewhere and make a plaque detailing the history of the building."

The county handed over the Casino to the City. Now, it's up to Albany commissioners to decide if it's worth spending $12,000 on the salvage project. The county agreed to pay half of the cost by supplying inmate labor.

"The use of prison labor lowers the cost of the salvaging project. We plan to hire a project manager to oversee the work," said Wes Smith, Engineering Manager. If city commissioners approve the salvage project, they must pay around $200 a month to store the historical pieces until the find them a new home, possibly beside the animals at Chehaw.

The demolition of Radium Spring Casino must begin on March 1st. Then the city has 90 days to clear out the 80 year-old landmark.

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