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Crook waits too late to cover up



January 13, 2003

Dougherty Co.-- Dougherty County Police say good surveillance equipment helped them quickly solve a burglary at a convenience store.

Store surveillance tape from the Express Lane on Sylvester Road showed a man use a shovel to smash the glass in the front door and break in.

But he forgot to pull his mask down over his face until he was in the store, and cameras got his picture.

Breaking the glass also set off an alarm, and police stopped a van driving away from the store. After checking the surveillance tape, 42-year-old James Lewis is arrested for the break-in, and has confessed.

30-year -old Shawn Keith was driving the van, and was also arrested.

Investigators say stores keeping their surveillance equipment in good working condition cuts down on break-ins. "If the store would not have had videotape, this person would not be in jail," said Lt. Cliff Rouse of the Dougherty Co. Police Dept. "It's just that simple a fact. The videotape was just crucial, it pretty much solved the case."

Lewis and Keith were charged with burglary, and are being held in the Dougherty County Jail.

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