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School supplies are tax free

By Jay Polk - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - If you have children in the school system anywhere in South Georgia, you've probably seen a back to school list.

"Every school has their own supply list by grade. What they'd like their students to come prepared at the beginning of the year," Steve Brown, the General Manager of Staples in Albany, said.

On the list is the usual suspects. Pens and backpacks are pretty standard stuff, but there are some other things on the list that the older generations may not have thought of.

"Thumb drives we're seeing a lot of. Very big this year," Brown said.

It seems the days of the ruler and the protractor are numbered. Today calculators can do all of the work.

"Those are graphing calculators. Something that is important for the math students out there. Especially those students who are taking some of the advanced courses," Brown said.

Picking up all of this stuff for your student can really add up, so this weekend the state is giving parents of school, age kids a helping hand.

Brwon said, "it runs through Sunday night at Midnight."

It's the Georgia Sales Tax Holiday. Starting Thursday, the state will forgo the sales taxes on clothing that is valued at less than $100, school supplies with a value of less than $20 and computers with a value of less than $1500. Retailers like the idea of a sales tax holiday.

"It is a wonderful idea. There is potential for a lot of savings, especially in our economy the way it is today," Brown said.

So shopping this weekend for the latest in back to school gear will cost you a little less.


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