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Thieves bust glass with truck, steal ATM

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THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Two men were caught on tape stealing an ATM from a Thomas county convenience store.

It was quite a heist. The men backed a truck through a glass window, wrapped a chain around the ATM, and drove off with thousands of dollars in cash leaving behind a mess.

Investigators are looking into several similar crimes in Grady county and Tallahassee.

The five cases, the two in Georgia and the three in Tallahasee all vary a bit. Different vehicles, different times of the night...

But they all had one thing in common. They left behind thousands of dollars in destruction and a big mess for store owners to clean up.

A pick up truck and a chain is all the two men in this surveillance video needed Wednesday morning to steal an ATM, and destroy the front of this Ochlocknee Quick Buys convenience store.

"They called me at 2 this morning telling me the alarm was going off," said Darrie Harnage.

In just a couple of minutes, watch as two men back their truck through the window, hook a chain around the ATM, yank it loose, and drive away with a machine full of over 2-thousand dollars in cash.

Leaving behind a trail of damage. Frustrating for supervisor Darrie Harnage.

"It is ya know. To have to come in, replace this, come out early and clean up this mess someone else left behind," she said.

Now investigators are making connections, linking this case with three others in Tallahassee over the past month.

And one in Grady county on June 25th. Different truck, same exact process.  

Leading investigators to believe the two men could be responsible for all five cases of destruction.

Investigators in Thomas county are working with the video to get a tag number off of the truck used in Wednesday morning's burglary.

Of course if you have any information on any of the incidents you just saw contact your local law enforcement.

In Wednesday morning's burglary and the one in Grady county last month it only took the thieves two minutes to steal the machines.


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