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A new play park comes to Albany

January 11, 2003

Albany- You've probably never seen turtles this big. These are the six premier turtles of the Jr. League's Turtle Stew Campaign. South Georgia businesses purchased the turtles for five thousand dollars to help the group raise enough money for the new Turtle Grove Play Park in Albany.

These turtles aren't all green, they each have a special touch, like the WALB turtle designed by artist, Evelyn Wilcox.

Junior League members say this campaign is bringing the community together to build a new recreational facility, so kids will have an outlet. Not only are members selling turtles, they are also selling merchandise with the Turtle Stew logo.

While these turtles aren't the real things, many say they are helping the Junior league make real improvements to the community. Members say they hope to reach their goal of fifty-thousand dollars, so Turtle Grove Play Park can come alive.

If your church, business, or school is interested in buying one of these turtles, you can call 344-PARK to get more information. The group will begin building the park in March.

Other businesses that have purchased turtles include Sam's Club, Miller, Proctor and Gamble Phoebe Putney, Albany Tomorrow and WALB.

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