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Homeowner says police wrongly handcuffed him

Alvin Young filed a complaint against APD officers Alvin Young filed a complaint against APD officers

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  A Monroe High School teacher says he was roughed up by Albany Police who mistook him for a burglar.  Alvin Young has filed a complaint against the officers who handcuffed him and, he says, shoved him around last Wednesday.

Young was standing in his yard on Radium Springs Road when the alarm went off at Harvey's across the street.

He says next thing he knew, he was being tackled by an officer who refused to believe he lived at the house where he was standing.

What Young wants is a guarantee from police the same thing won't happened to someone else. He had hoped to get some answers in a hearing this afternoon, but was disappointed when that hearing was rescheduled.

Young didn't hear the glass break at the Harvey's on Radium Springs Road Wednesday morning, but he did hear the alarm, and saw suspects running toward him.

As he turned to walk back into his house, he realized he'd locked himself out. "Actually at that point I was a little scared, because I didn't know what the outcome was going to be from that," he said.

As police arrived, Young found himself in the center of the action. "One of the officers pulled up beside the house, pulled up and shined his light on me. He jumped out and ran straight towards me, and knocked me to the ground, with out any questions asked."

In his own backyard, Young tried to explain to officers why he was outside. "I tried to explain that I bought the property, that I had locked my keys inside of the house, and I had seen the burglars."

But officers persisted. In fact Alvin Young says officers slammed him on the hood of their patrol car right here in his own driveway, so hard it caused bruises on his wrist.

"I had bruises on my neck, I had bruises on my rib cage on the left side, I had bruises, the handcuffs had to be pried off my wrists."

Young claims once officers took the time and verified it was his home all they said was sorry. When he asked for a report of his incident there wasn't one. Police didn't provide one when we requested it today, either.

"I feel like the complaint they kind of brushed it off to the side, and the incident that happened with me was reported no where at the police department. I went to pick up a police report they had no knowledge of the incident and it hadn't been written down anywhere."

He understands officers must react quickly, but in the future hopes others will get more time to explain. All Albany Police will say is that they're investigating his complaint.

"We can confirm that we have a citizen's complaint from Alvin Young and that complaint is being thoroughly investigated by our officers," said Albany Police Media Manager Phyllis Banks Whitley.

Alvin Young said while he was at the Law Enforcement Center today, an assistant chief met with him briefly and offered a personal apology. Young's hearing has been rescheduled for Thursday at three.

The Harvey's burglary remains an open investigation and no one has been charged in the break-in.

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