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Model train show rolls into town

January 11, 2003

Albany- From the sounds of some of the engines you'd think a big train was coming down the tracks, but these rails are for models.

Building detailed models like these give train buffs a chance to use their creativity.

"You can name the town whatever you want. You put the people where you want to, you can put them in polka dot dresses, red dresses, whatever you want," explains David Godwin.

Shema Brown constructed a model of Savannah. His town is completely made out of legos, something he says can give his model an edge because after he builds a train, he can take it apart and make something totally different.

Many agree that building these mini cities can teach kids modeling, measuring, and basic electrical skills. And the Brown's even taught their children geometry using lego kits.

Whether lego or Lionel, model trains are definitely a hobby many say is for the young and young at heart.

If you want to see these trains in action the show will also run Sunday from 11 to 4 PM at the knights of Columbus Hall on Gillionville Road.

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