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Fully automatic gun found in man's car

January 10, 2003

Moultrie - A man arrested for DUI is caught with an unlicensed automatic gun. Moultrie Police Seargant Roger Lindsay says, "This is definitely a felony." Police found several more weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

Officers were surprised when they walked up to a parked car in Downtown Moultrie at one this morning. The man said he was waiting on his girlfriend, but the smell of alcohol was on his breath. The driver failed a sobriety test and ended up facing felony charges.

A gun converted to a fully automatic weapon was found wrapped up in a sweater inside his car, and he didn't have a license for it. But, that's not all.

Twenty-seven-year-old Jerry Dewayne Tidwell was originally arrested for DUI, but inside Tidwell's SUV, Moultrie Police found the fully automated gun, a 45 caliber pistol, 12 gauge shot gun and more than 250 rounds of ammunition. Sgt. Lindsay says, "It's not known what he wanted to use it for. Either for re-sale or be in hands of another criminal or for illegal purposes."

Also inside Tidwell's SUV, investigators found a police scanner and police codes. Tidwell was obviously listening closely so he wouldn't get caught, but the officer saw him and then radioed to the station. Sergeant Lindsay explains, "His headlights were on and when the officer pulled around, he cut headlights off. The gentleman saw officer again."

This all happened in downtown Moultrie in front of this furniture store. Police still do not know Tidwell's motive.

Police also found a military bayonet and less than one ounce of marijuana. He's being held in the Colquitt County Jail.

His SUV has been impounded to the Moultrie Police Station and will be looked at by Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents.

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