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Power targeted in break-ins

January 10, 2003

Dougherty glass employees work to fix Subway's Door on South Slappey Boulevard.

"This pretty well covers my day," an employee says as they are busy responding to calls of broken doors and windows all over the area. They wer  already at Bill's Dollar Store earlier Friday morning.

 "Somebody took piece of asphalt and actually through it through the glass," Subway's manager Glenn Holden said.

But first they took a baseball bat to the power supply, now in pieces. Power was restored and new meters were installed this morning.

"Apparently they thought they'd get by the security system, but it didn't work, because we have a battery backup," Holden said. 

At Metro Pawn across the street the story was the same, power meters broken, but again nothing was taken. Maybe because the thieves knew about a crime detterrent the owner has used in the past, rattlesnakes.

"It does work they're more scared of rattlesnakes than they are anything," owner Roger Janney said. 

They are having to take the extra steps in the South Slappey area to make sure thieves can't break the glass.They've installed LEXON  at Red Wok, after thieves broke in and stole money and food twice already this year. With break ins at neighboring Popeyes and McDonalds what are the South Slappey Businesses to do? Each is asking for help.

"I know the police are overworked, but I think if they could beef up patrol a little more, could deter crime," Janney said.

"Need to figure out a way to cover up boxes out in open, not hard to do what they've done," Holden said.

Albany police were patrolling the area quite a bit Friday, but so far they've made no arrests. Water Gas and Light's Director says this is the first time they've seen someone destroy power meters. So far they aren't making plans to protect them.

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