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Chehaw Frontier Festival teaches living history

January 10, 2003

Albany -- Have you ever wondered how frontier Americans lived? This weekend at the Parks at Chehaw you have a chance to see and feel what life was like here in the early 1800's.

 Close to 15 hundred school children from around South Georgia got a chance to see, hear, and feel what life in the American frontier was like. The tenth annual Chehaw Frontier Festival lets buckskin dressed period actors give the students live demonstrations.

 Natural Resources Manager Ben Kirkland said "We're a living historic event, showing life between 1700-1840."

Hunting was a big part of their lifestyle. Bow and arrows, and black powder rifles were necessary tools for a good meal.

Students got a chance to learn to throw a tomahawk. Jim Warfel said "When you throw a baseball you step, it gives you more power. The same when you throw a tomahawk, step into it."

 Some kids seemed to be just naturals. Byne 8th grader Amanda Turner said "All the stuff they had back then was really cool."

Ed Seeley showed what a frontiersman in 1755 would have in his pockets. Seeley said "This is a sundial, for telling time."

A chance to see typical American life, 200 years ago, retold by people who want to make sure the era is not forgotten.

 The Frontier Festival will continue Saturday and Sunday at the Parks at Chehaw from 9 am to 5 pm.

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