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Swine Flu & West Nile town hall for Albany citizens

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By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Both swine flu and west nile virus are big concerns for some Albany residents.

On Saturday they got some much needed answers from health officials.

Representatives from the public health department and environmental health attended a town hall meeting to educate people about the dangers of west nile and how to prevent it.

Many in attendance also had questions about the H1N1 virus which is spreading world wide.

Officials say informing the public is key to keeping things under control.

"Informing the community on what they need to do about the swine flu which is called H1N1 and also giving them information on what they need to know to protect themselves from being infected with the virus," said Vamella Lovett, Adult Health Director.

Lovett says everyone should be more vigilant about washing their hands to prevent the spread of H1N1.

The Department of health told those in attendance that they are prepared if the Swine Flu should become more prevalent in our region.


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