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2 children cling to life after late night fire

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Two young children and their mother suffered burns after an explosion in the family's home.

Firefighters and police were called to the house at 1613 Ken Gardens Road, the burst of heat swept through the downstairs portion of the house near the utility room where it started.

Fire officials believe a 3-year-old Jeremiah Fenn Jr. and a 1-year old Ja'el Fenn were somewhere in the downstairs area of the home when fire started. The children suffered serious burns and are fighting for their lives.

The mother 29-year-old Jessica Fenn was also burned during the incident; officials believe she was trying to save the children.

"It was an explosion and it was very intense heat traveled through portions of the house," said Phyllis Banks Whitley, Albany Police.

 Firefighters say they must have been near the den area next to the utility room.

"We're not certain where the children were when the fire began obviously they were in the vicinity of where it started," said Deputy Chief Ron Rowe, Albany Fire Department.

The structural damage was minimal but the quick explosion and heat was enough to severely burn the children.

"The heat blistered the paint off of the door casings," said Rowe.

The pilot light from the water heater in the utility room ignited fumes from a gas canister left in the utility room.

The mother was taken to Palmyra Hospital she's expected to be okay, both children are still in critical condition.


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