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SEC losing control of media days

By Robert Hydrick - bio | email 

The Southeastern Conference football media days ended on Friday.

The big topics in Birmingham were not will Florida repeat as national champions or which team can surprise the Gators and the league.

No, the big topics were which coach did not put Tim Tebow first team on preseason all-SEC ballot and is quarterback Tim Tebow a virgin?

We will start with the latter.

The big debate is was this question appropriate.

The answer is no.

Tim Tebow's personal life has in three years had NO bearing on the Gators success on the field and it should remain his personal business.

Tebow to his credit handled the very touchy subject with class and showed that when it comes to his faith in God that he walks the walk which is outstanding.

I have admired Tebow ever since he took the FSU defense on for a touchdown run last year after Seminole fans cheered when Percy Harvin was injured on the field.

Tebow told coaches to give him the ball and he would score and he did just that.

Back to the issue at hand, the person who asked the question is a radio talk show host and had apparently put in some time thinking about whether he should ask the question.

There are some believe such a question was attempt by the "reporter" to draw attention to himself which he did.

My problem is that SEC media days is turning into a circus sideshow like the Super Bowl Media Day.

That is fine for the NFL because the Super Bowl is one game that attracts football and non-football fans and is all about hype.

SEC football media days should stick to the topic where the legitimate electronic, print and computer journalists are preparing for what is the busy part of the football season the preseason.

The SEC takes great pride in bragging on how many journalists are attending their media days in a time when some conferences are reducing their's to teleconferences.

The media days are to bring attention to the conference but what football fan really cares about the personal life of a star quarterback?

As for Steve Spurrier not putting Tim Tebow first team on his preseason ballot,  if that is opinion so be it.

We still have the freedom to express our opinion and one should not be ridiculed if his beliefs another player is better at a particular position.

Spurrier said Friday it was a mistake made his someone on his staff.

According to Spurrier, the person who filled out his ballot said he left Tebow off because there were already too many Gators on it.

I can see that argument but are you really going to have us believe someone chose to leave off a Heisman Trophy winner and not a defensive back or lineman that is not a household word across America.

Suspicion will grow because Spurrier is not only a former Florida quarterback but also a former head coach of the Gators.

Whatever his motives or if it was a mistake, my point is that no one challenges the media when they pick a preseason team so the media shouldn't question coaches for their choices.

They have the same rights as the media.

Let us hope someone will actually want to ask a question about college football at next year's SEC media day.

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