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World War II veteran gets high school diploma

January 9, 2003

Sylvester- Eighty-three year old, Eston Marchant, gripped his Sumner High school diploma tightly, saying he never wants to let it go. Marchant was drafted into World War II before he finished high school.

Eston says, "I feel like I'm about to get to be somebody." Marchant's daughter, Gail Marchant Richter, says after the state passed a law, giving school boards the right to award war veterans honorary diplomas, she got the paperwork moving.

Richter says, "I'm proud of all because he fought for our freedom and we often forget what freedom costs."

Eston says when he sees young soldiers being deployed, he knows how they must feel. He also says while he cherishes the days he spent in the army serving his country, he knows the question he asked himself is the same question many young soldiers ask themselves.

Marchant's wife, Ella, says she heard about a young soldier being deployed the other day, and he is still on her mind. She says, "I had a tender feeling, but I know all I can do is pray for the young man and hope for the best."

While Eston Marchant says he is proud to be a high school graduate, he says he will forever be grateful that he made it through the war to receive this honor.

Eston Marchant served in the United States Army from 1942-1945.

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