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Moody sends more personnel to Middle East

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January 9, 2003

Moody Airmen say goodbye to their families and friends and take flight overseas. This is the second deployment from the base in two days, and more Airmen will be flying out soon.

The Airmen have spent the day saying goodbye to their families, going through hours of paperwork and final preparations for deployment. It’s hard to leave loved ones behind and they're not exactly sure what's ahead. but many of the airman say this is the highlight of their military careers.

Two hours before departure to the Middle East, Airman First Class Nicholas Underwood tries to remain calm. "I'm anxious," he said. "It's what I signed up for."

His fellow Airmen agree. " I'm anxious-- I'm getting into the right mindset, ready to go," said Airman James Joseph. The day has been filled with paperwork, packing, and getting a grasp on what's ahead. "In briefings, they're telling us what it's going to be like,And what we'll be doing," said Joseph.

They say they want to avoid war, but will do whatever it takes to defend the United States. "In war, casualties happen," said Sgt. James Rago. "I'm hoping that doesn’t happen, but we show our presence, Saddam changes his mind, and the free world changes its mind, and works together. That we're home in due process."

Another plane is set to arrive at Moody at 11:00 Thursday night. It will take off with another medium contingent about 2:00 AM.

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