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Mother worries for her soldier son in Korea

January 9, 2003

Albany -- As the U-S continues the military build-up in the Persian Gulf, thousands of American troops remain stationed right on the North Korean border. Tension between the United States and North Korea is rising as the communist country restarts its nuclear program.

Albany's Charlene Wingfield had been closely watching the news of the growing Korean American tensions, but now has cut back. Her 36 year old son, Army Master Sgt. Rufus Wingfield is stationed in Korea, and she worries about his safety.

Charlene says she learned during the Persian Gulf War she could not dwell on the latest news. "When my son was in the Persian Gulf, I almost went to pieces. Now I have matured."

Sgt. Wingfield is scheduled to retire later this month. His wife and 3 girls are waiting in Augusta. Charlene hopes he can get back home before war breaks out. "They are not exactly sure what is going to go on. Basically he is not too concerned, because his time is almost up, and he should be home in a few days."

At the Knights of Columbus, 3 veterans discuss the latest news. Ralph Sproul is a veteran of the Korean War, stationed there from 1952 to 1955. He watches closely as the threat of war emerges again.

 Sproul said "About everyday, worry about Korea. I think I worry a little more about Baghdad than Korea, but it's a nation I think we have to look very closely at."

Many people in Southwest Georgia with very special personal interests as the threat of America at war intensifies.

 Master Sgt. Wingfield has been in the Army for 18 years, spending his final year of duty in Korea.

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