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Lessons learned from fire

^ Chief Ranger Jimmy Davis ^ Chief Ranger Jimmy Davis



January 9, 2003

IRWIN CO. -- A small burn pit in Noel Peacock's yard started a major fire Wednesday.

"Cardboard got flaking off, piece blew in yard, got across the pasture, and got underneath the mobile homes," Chief Ranger Jimmy Davis said.

The fire spread over five acres, destroying three mobile homes, and badly damaging another. The associate pastor who is used to helping others burned out in homes, says there is a silver lining. The homes were repossessed so no one was injured, and his own home where the fire started and neighbors were saved. He says he learned his lesson and the Georgia Forestry Commission is hoping you do to.

When the flags are blowing in the gusting winds, its basically common sense you shouldn't be burning, but the GFC says if you're in doubt give them a call.

"We get weather update every morning, but if they got to do some burning, tell them permits or need to wait until another day," Davis said.

Some other tips, set up your burn pit like the rangers do, with a powerful hose nearby. Also, have a phone so you can call immediately when things get out of hand, the one thing Peacock says he wish he would have done more quickly.

The most dangerous conditions for burning are high winds and low humidity.

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