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Tax group wants 'clean sweep' of local Government

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Dougherty County Taxpayers Association wants a clean sweep of local Government.

Now they are putting their words into action and working to raise money for a campaign supporting new candidates for the Albany city commission.

Brooms have an obvious purpose, to clean things up, and that's just what the Dougherty taxpayers association plans to do with the 1,000  brooms they've purchased.

They plan to sell them for $20 at a meeting Thursday night. In addition to the broom, folks will also get a membership in the taxpayers association, and the money they spend will be used to campaign for a clean sweep of the Albany city commission seats up for election later this year.

Richard Thomas of the Dougherty County Taxpayers Association is one of the most outspoken voices against local leadership.

"Our government has failed. It's broken and that's why we're headed down this slippery slope sliding into financial and moral abyss," he said.

And to correct that problem, the Dougherty County Taxpayers Association, a group he helped found, plans to sweep the slate clean and start over new. "If we want to sweep Albany clean, the best way to do it is with a bunch of brooms."

Literally. They'll be on sale at a town hall meeting Thursday night. In addition to the broom, Thomas says your money will help support the group and in turn, sweep in a new group of candidates.

"We're just tired of that lack of moral compass and discipline and fiscal responsibility and f anyone cares about this city and this community, they need to show up and help us. If they don't care and they're satisfied with the direction that Albany and Dougherty County are going, they can stay at home."

But the taxpayers group isn't satisfied, and Thomas says he won't stop fighting until the face of government has changed. "We want open, transparent government and that's going to require new people so we want a new government and that's what we're after."

The sweep Albany Clean meeting will be held Thuirsday night at the Merry Acres Restaurant.

The last meeting held by this taxpayers group drew more than 100 people.

City Commissioners Dorothy Hubbard, Morris Gurr and Bob Langstaff are all up for reelection this fall. Gurr has announced he does not plan to seek reelection.


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