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The right choice

January 8, 2003

Of the several things he can do on a basketball court, junior point guard Montavious Waters says it's his decision making that he's most proud of. Westover junior point guard Montavious Waters said, "I can see the floor, and it's real helpful because you keep your teammates involved when you can see the floor and you have to keep your big men happy."

But it was a decision off the court that brought Waters to Westover this year. As a sophomore at Lee County last season, Waters struggled under former Westover assistant Clay Kile's system. The 16 year old knew it was time for a change. Waters said, "It was just a bad situation for me and I just wanted to win. Coming here and my family moving it was a good situation for me and it allows me to show my talent and showcase it."

Westover head coach Dallis Smith said, "When he came here the first thing we talked about was what we try to do. When you come to Westover the first thing we try to do is be successful with the program as a team. And if you do it as a team first then your situation, your stats will come."

And the stats did come. Waters has flourished under Coach Dallis Smith's system averaging over 18 points a game and taking the high school basketball scene by storm. "I've never had anything like it before, just to walk in and come in and play right away. I mean it's a great bunch of guys and I love them and they love me too, we always hang out together," Waters added.

Junior forward Allen Jenkins said, "He came in and learned the system real well and everyone is really getting along fine, playing good ball and coming out with a lot of wins." And not only have they welcomed him into the Westover family, but his teammates now look to Waters as the guy who can lead them to a state title. Not a bad choice.

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