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Transportation grant will fund Albany terminal

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Nine million dollars has been committed to the construction of a multi-modal transportation terminal for downtown Albany, $3.5 million of it is federal stimulus money.

Design plans for the project have already been let for bid and construction will begin in the next year. City officials say this could also bring passenger rail service to Albany.

The site is expected to have park & ride lots, taxi service, and potentially retail space.

A site near Roosevelt Avenue with space for just about every mode of public transportation will soon be available in Albany. It's a parking lot now, but in the next year the city hopes to transform this spot into more than a new bus station.

"We're looking at putting Albany Transit there. Hopefully we can have taxis, and Greyhound, and or some other bus facilities come through there," said Albany Transportation Planner David Hamilton.

Plans also call for Park & Ride lots, and Ride Share parking as well. Many transit users we spoke with were excited the project got a green light.

"Better facility, more seats, maybe better access early in the morning because some time when you ride the bus early in the morning you can't get into the station," are things bus rider Keith Henderson would like to see.

"With the transportation being so limited, it will help us with everything being in one spot so, you can do whatever you need to do and get done,' said bus rider Shayla Smith.

The new center is expect to open in January of 2011 on Washington between Flint and Roosevelt. Environmental issues at the site have been cleared but not everyone is happy.

"It has to be a compromise between what works for the transportation modes that will be using it, what works for the neighborhood, what works for the economy so we just always look for a balance," said Albany Transit Director Nedra Woodyatt.

What balanced this site is its potential for a stop on a statewide commuter rail system, that could eventually connect the state with high speed rail service.

"It has been a possibly with the state of Georgia to have rail service here for a very long time and now just like so many other things with the stimulus money there's really, there's a lot of planning going on for rail service throughout the state of Georgia including Albany," said Woodyatt.

Money for the project is part of $48 billion in stimulus investments being made in transportation infrastructure, which includes highways, public transit, high speed rail and aviation.

      • Here is more information from the Georgia's Department of Transportaion-

The multimodal center is expected to open in 2011.  It will increase the economic vigor of downtown Albany and help establish a favorable public transportation presence and identity for all of Southwest Georgia.  The 2,500-square-foot facility will:

  • Provide a facility for coordinated public transportation;
  • Provide a terminal and support facilities for future passenger rail service;
  • Provide visitors with a central location for information and comfort facilities;
  • Provide advanced technologies in the areas of safety, security, ticket vending and passenger amenities;
  • Eliminate difficult transit bus ingress and egress movements;
  • Provide the City of Albany ownership of a permanent transit facility location;
  • Serve as a transfer center for Albany Transit and intercity bus service passengers;
  • Accommodate taxis, shuttle buses, charter buses; and
  • Feature Park & Ride/Kiss & Ride passenger drop locations.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) is a national effort to create jobs and transform America's economy to compete in the 21st century.  Nationwide, some $48 billion in stimulus investments are being made in transportation infrastructure, including highways, public transit, high speed rail and aviation.  Georgia DOT has created a Web page ( devoted to stimulus activities to provide specific program information and promote transparency of the process.

The Georgia Department of Transportation is committed to providing a safe, seamless and sustainable transportation system that supports Georgia's economy and is sensitive to both its citizens and its environment.  For general information on the Georgia DOT, please visit our Web site (


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