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Tax free holiday a week off

Georgia's tax free holiday on back to school supplies is coming up next week and retailers are hoping it will help drive customers through their doors.

K-Mart managers say sales have been steady, but expect back to school shoppers to give them a needed boost.

The retailer has been filling their shelves with supplies.

The sales tax holiday begins July 30th and stretches through August second. It applies to clothing items under $100, school supplies less than $20, and computers and accessories up to $1,500.  

 "Folks want to come in and take advantage of all your tax free items and such things of that nature as clothes, school supplies, any little items, it tends to drive more folks into the store," said K-Mart Asst. Manager Joseph Stokes.

Stores say they're already seeing back to school shoppers, but expect many to wait until next weekend to get the best deal possible.

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