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South Georgia woman wins $500,000.00

January 8, 2003

Pelham - What would you do with a half a million dollars? Sounds far fetched, but not for one South Georgia woman. She now has to answer that very question. Betty Sue Jones of Mitchell County scratched a Jumbo Jumbo Bucks ticket that had the number five followed by five zeros.

It's the talk of the town. Jones says, "Yes it is, yes it is." Fifty-seven-year-old Jones owns a winning ticket worth a half a million dollars. She asks a friend, "Did you see my ticket?"

A sign outside Ike's Godwin Grocery Store in Pelham says it all. It reads, "We have a Jumbo winner, buy lotto here." That's were Jones bought her ticket, but she's not just a customer, she's the owner's sister and an employee. Jones says, "After cleaning up the kitchen I decided to scratch it off. When I saw the zeros, I almost fainted!"

This winner is getting a lot of attention and even odd requests like marriage proposals. She laughs, "Everyday they are putting their names on a list and want to knock my husband off. This one wants to be my son. This one says if he wasn't my first cousin he'd marry me today."Other customers don't want major commitments, just a lucky rub from the lucky gal.

Jones' ticket was the largest lottery amount won at Ike's, and the win has increased ticket sales. Jones plans to use her money to pay off her home, buy a car and give some to her 35-year-old son.

The family will be going to Atlanta tomorrow to cash in the half a million dollar ticket.

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