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South Georgia produce company catches fire



January 8, 2003

Turner Co.-- The fire destroyed Calhoun Produce and ice cream counter. And as firefighters were battling the flames, one of them fell through the roof and was injured. Ironically, that volunteer firefighter was one of the co-owners of the business, 35-year-old Brad Calhoun. 

When Sheila Calhoun Rice returned to Calhoun Produce Wednesday morning, she saw smoldering ruins, and firefighters trying to save as much as they could of the business. "It's bad," she said.

"When we got there had flames shooting out knew at that time we had a major structure fire on our hands," said Chuck Bobo of the Turner Co. Fire Dept.

Rice quickly knew what was happening too, because after the mailman spotted the fire and called 911 her passenger's pager went off. "My brother is a fireman, page said Calhoun Produce is on fire, so we jumped back in the truck and headed that way," said Sheila.

Co-owner Brad Calhoun joined in the effort to save the shop filled with jams, butterbeans and gifts, but it was too late.

The only person injured fighting the blaze was volunteer firefighter Brad Calhoun. "He fell through the ceiling and hurt his shoulder," Rice said. "I don't know if it broke or just dislocated."

Calhoun's produce is actually right on the Turner County- Crisp County line, which in this case actually turned out to be a good thing. "We've trained together in past to work as a team and to put out the fire as we did today," said Bobo.

Despite the fire and the injury the Calhouns say things could have been much worse, the warehouse section of the building was mostly unharmed and Brad Calhoun had surgery and is home recovering.

Firefighters say the fire likely started in a heating unit above the office and shop. They have not determined yet why that heater caught fire.

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