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Reeling in a healthy brain

January 8, 2003

Albany - We know that fish is good for your heart, but new studies show it's good for your brain too. Harvard University researchers found eating fish just a few times a month greatly reduces your risk of stroke.

"Fish has Omega 3 fatty acids," said nurse Sandra Breedlove. "They keep the blood vessels to the brain from clotting and causing a stroke." A study looked at more than 43,000 men, between 40 and 75 years old. After a 12 year follow up, those who ate fish only one to three times a month saw their risk of stroke fall 43%.

Breedlove says don't ruin a good thing in the cooking. "Don't fry the fish. Try broiling, grilling, or baking your fish. Frying counteracts the good nutrition of fish."

Don't like fish, expert David Webb says maybe you haven't reeled in the right choice for your taste buds. "Try different types of fish. Most people don't try great fish like snapper, mullet, or trout. You may love the way they taste," said Webb.

No matter how you like to eat it, this study proves a little fish can go a long way in keeping your brain healthy. You can also buy Omega 3 supplements, but you may not see the exact same benefits from the supplement as you would from the fish.

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