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Troops deploy from Moody



January 8, 2003

Lowndes County - Nineteen year old Christopher Elmore has only been in the Air Force a little over a year and doesn't know quite what to make of deployment.

"I've never been deployed before and have no idea what to expect," said Elmore.

Experienced combat veterans like Ken Spears know more about what's ahead. "From the environment to the duties, a lot of these guys are really unsure of what's going on but I've done it several times so I'm more prepared," said Spears.

No matter how old or young the Airmen are, they all share a common goal- to do whatever it takes to defend our country. "We all know its our job and the reason we joined the military was to fight for the United States," said Spears.

Today brings the hardest part of deployment- saying goodbye. "We don't want to see him go, but we know he has to and we've been through it before but its still hard and we'll miss him so much," said Stacey Spears, whose husband left Wednesday.

By bus they'll travel to Jacksonville, then fly to the Middle East, unsure of their exact destination, how dangerous their mission may be, or when they might return.

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