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Smashing the competition

By Joey Donia - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Coffee County's Brandon Worth has been performing Martial Arts for nearly his entire life but just recently started the art of brick breaking.

To call him a natural would be an incredible understatement.

Brandon takes part in power breaking and the goal is to break through the most bricks of concrete. This year nobody broke more than Worth. The Broxton native broke 14 bricks and became the International Sport Karate Association World Champion.

"The most I ever broke in one shot was eight up until then I broke 12 Friday and 14, that's the first time I ever even tried 14" said Worth.

"It was very exciting when I broke them. When I realized I broke them I had to stay calm because you don't want to go spastic in front of everybody but I was really excited."

Brandon's been breaking for less than a year, infact his championship break was only his fourth time breaking.

"I don't know if I was flawless I believe I was somewhat lucky because I was quite nervous I gotta be honest with you. I was with the best so."

How do you beat the best?

"Following through. If you've ever heard that always follow through."

"Following a surface hit would be coming down and hitting and stopping. Following through would be hitting and keep going through trying to literally hit the floor. It's a metaphor. Hit the floor instead of the bricks."

Who knew brick breaking could be so easy.

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