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Dog shot after officers say it lunged

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Two Leesburg Police Officers say they were forced to shoot a pit bull Sunday after the dog lunged at them.

Police were called to 119 North Brooke Court. When they knocked on the door no one answered. Another neighbor was directing police to the dogs when officers say the dog came charging. The dog's owner, who lives at 112 North Brook Court, says the dog doesn't have a history of violence and never attacked anyone.

"One of my officers walked to the back to check on the dog and the dog came charging at him which he moved out of the way and another officer was there too and the dog circled around and came charging at him so the officer shot the dog," said Chief Charles Moore, Leesburg Police.

"He's a family dog, he's a lovable dog never bit anybody, never had a history of biting anybody," said Tremaine Anderson, the dog's owner.

Anderson's dog Eli, was taken to the Vet and was recovering Monday. He's spoken to a lawyer about the incident. Anderson was cited with an animal at large.

Animal control posted a notice on the door today and confiscated two dogs found at 119 North Brook Court. Neighbors say the dogs are often left alone for long periods of time.


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