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Youth taking it to the streets

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Hundreds of people took to the streets Saturday morning; they say they're marching for change.

It was a community walk for the youth and anyone who's serious about changing their neighborhood for the better.

Organizers say this is just the beginning of their push to make Albany a better place to live.

They marched the streets waking up the community to the violence.

"You name it everything from gang violence, prostitution, drugs," said Bishop Victor Powell, Rhema Word Intl. Ministries.

Law enforcement, the ward 1 commissioner and church members and residents supported this effort to take a stand against crime and violence.

"It's a great opportunity when you have church members willing to get on a Saturday morning to go out in to the community and realize they're some problems in the community," said Jon Howard, Ward 1 Commissioner.

Rhema Word International ministries youth ministry played a big role.

"We felt like we needed to come out and actively attack the situation we didn't want to just sit within the four walls," said Zandrea Waldon.

Through song and poetry they're getting that message out.

"We're calling for the mighty men and the women to come forth so that we can go out and attack the gangs and attack the crime because we have to get involved," said Waldon.

The church pastor says prayer is a big part of getting involved.

Come with the rings the tattoos; come with your pants down.

"I believe that once we get involved and show people that we love them and we care, people will respond," said Powell.

Rhema Word International Ministries was instrumental in organizing the march.

They have at least 3 more events scheduled through the end of August.


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