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Georgia gets a new license plate

January 7, 2003

Albany- Cars are an important part of an American's lives, even down to the license plates. Specialty tags are becoming more common. And now there's a new one on the market.

The Department of Motor Vehicle Safety is offering a special dog and cat reproduction sterilization license plate. But this is just one of about 70 special tags Georgians have.

So what's the attraction? "Part of this money's contributed to the state for beautification, and I thought it would look good on my wife's car," says Don Labrand who bought a wildflower club tag.

The additional fee isn't the only that sets these non-traditional plates apart from the standard Georgia plate. Most don't list the county where the car is registered.

"There are no county decals, therefore, we don't know what county the vehicle may be from," explains Georgia State Trooper, Darryl Benton. But, these plates can help law enforcement. "When we're out enforcing the laws, if there's a look out for a particular tag, if it's a specialty tag, it makes it easier to look for that particular tag."

The Dougherty County tax director says a lot special tags popped up after the Georgia Natural Resources wildlife tags. "After that success story, a lot of other groups have taken the lead and gone on with that," says Denver Hooten.

It seems that not only is your car an reflection of you, but so is you license plate. Even though Georgia has dozens of tags, states like Alabama and Florida have just as many or more.

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