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YMCA takes simple precautions for Swine Flu

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Because the Swine flu is affecting so many young people, many groups that work with kids are doing all they can to protect them.  

At the Albany YMCA, kids in Summer Camp are taught the health and hygiene techniques that will keep them healthy, like washing hands. Kids are kids and can easily spread germs playing games like patty-cake and just horsing around.

If someone gets sick, they are sent home and parents are asked to keep them there until they're well. 

"We also encourage children to keep their hands to themselves, don't touch your face with your hands and at the same time, if you need to sneeze, cover your mouth, cover your nose and when you use a tissue, turn it in the trash can," said Anna Lee O'Neil of the YMCA. "Very simple things and it's good health habits beyond swine flue, it's just good health habits."

Employees are also discouraged from coming to work when they are sick and are told to use hand sanitizers and wash their hands frequently.


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