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Protesters converge on Sanford Bishop's Albany office

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  Friday, President Obama said there has been 'unprecedented progress' on overhauling health care. But all over the country, tea parties are being held in protest of proposed health care plans.

One took place right here in Albany, where people filed into Congressman Sanford Bishop's district office to deliver letters opposing the plan.

WALB's news crew followed those protestors inside Congressman Bishop's office, but was asked to leave.

Congressman Sanford Bishop wasn't at his Albany office, but it's likely he'll get the word on how angry protesters feel about plans to reform healthcare.

Dozens of people filed into Congressman Sanford Bishop's office today to drop off a letter opposing Barack Obama's healthcare plans.

"Would you tell us what Sanford Bishop's position is on healthcare?" asked one sign-carrying woman.

She didn't get her answer, and we were soon kicked out of Congressman Bishop's office.

"No. You can stop taking pictures," said Bishop's female staffer, who raised her hand to the camera lens.

But shutting our cameras down did not shut down the protest. "This is not going to affect just us, it's going to affect your neighbors and your friends," said a protester.

Folks came from across Southwest Georgia, from as far away as Dawsonville to let the Congressman know they are not happy with proposed changes.

"We feel like we cannot afford a government run healthcare program. Government has not been able to run any business successfully and we feel like if they try to take this on, this could bankrupt the country."

And they are concerned at how fast congress is trying to push the plan through. "I am very frustrated with all that's happening from the White House," said Nancy Krupa. "All the hurry, hurry, hurry for what reason? They don't believe in reading anything."

But they hope Congressman Bishop will read the letters they are leaving, and that he'll take their opinions into consideration.

"He's supposed to represent the people. We're the people. If he's listening, it will do some good. If not, I guess we'll have to replace him," said a citizen.

Congressman Sanford Bishop told us in a telephone call late Friday afternoon that he is listening to his constituents and that many changes have been made to proposed health care legislation, and many more will be made before a final plan is passed as law.

He also apologized for our news crew being kicked out of his office, and said it would have been handled differently if he had been in the office, but he's currently in Washington.

Congressman Bishop says he believes there must be some sort of healthcare reform, and that it will be beneficially, particularly in his district where there is a high rate of strokes, obesity and health delivery is also a challenge.

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