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Wiggins remembered as Pensacola couple is buried

Wiggins arrested (NBC) Wiggins arrested (NBC)
The Billings couple (NBC) The Billings couple (NBC)
Pamela Long in 1979 AHS  yearbook Pamela Long in 1979 AHS yearbook

Hundreds attended funeral services for Byrd and Melanie Billings in Pensacola, Fl.

The parents of 17 children, many of whom have special needs, were shot to death during a home invasion robbery last Thursday. Eight people have been arrested in the case, seven on murder charges.

The eighth person arrested is Pamela Long Wiggins, an Albany native. Wiggins is out of jail on bond, and we understand that she is cooperating with investigators.

The Albany native is at the center of this investigation because several of the guns used in the crime were found in her mini-van and the safe stolen from the Billings house was found in the yard of a house Wiggins owned.

Pamela Long Wiggins graduated from this school, Albany High, back in 1979.

Her former classmates describe her as a quiet, smart, artistic student who made Governor's Honors, and many want to know more about her role in this crime.

News that Pamela Long Wiggins is charged as an accessory to the Billings murders had Albany High alumni pulling out their yearbooks to get reacquainted with the Albany girl now making national headlines.

"She was very artistic, loved to draw. I was in an art class with her in Carolyn Glass's class. Just very quiet, shy, reserved person," said Former Classmate Lisa Henderson.

Artist David Lanier was a year behind Long in school, but remembers her work as being beyond good. "That was the first time I'd taken art and I wasn't any good at all and I remember in classes her work was outstanding."

"I remember that she is nothing like what they're portraying her to be now," said Henderson.

Police say several guns used in the crime were found inside Wiggins' mini-van. The safe taken from the Billings' home was also found under a mound of bricks in her yard, making her an accessory to the crime.

"Under our law when you're an accessory after the fact that means you have done something to try to help the person who committed the main crime avoid detection and arrest, such as hiding evidence," said Florida States Attorney Bill Eddins.

Family members have now said inside the safe that was in Wiggins yard was jewelry, documents, and children's prescription medication. Eddins says Wiggins has cooperated with his office, but is also still apart of the ongoing investigation and prosecutors can say little more.

"Because this is an ongoing investigation overall as well as an ongoing investigation into the activities of Miss Wiggins I really can't make any further comments," said Eddins.

It's been reported that her connection to the mastermind Leonard Gonzales, Jr. is that she rented a house to him in Florida.

Escambia County Law enforcement maintain robbery was a motive for the crime.

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