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Not all of Georgia knows Habitat

January 7, 2003

Americus-based Habitat for Humanity has built hundreds of thousands of homes in 83 countries around the world. So it might surprise to you, that the organization has never built a home in most of the cities that surround Americus. Now they're trying to change that.

The Americus Chapter has changed it's name to Greater Sumter County and is hoping to build its first ever homes in Dooly, Terrell, Webster, Macon and Schley Counties. Only Macon County is close to beginning construction, but Schley County will have an orientation meeting for hopeful homeowners this Saturday.

5000-Desi Wynter, Exec V.P. for Greater Sumter County's Habitat for Humanity,  said "It just takes people in the community who want to see that people living in the community have decent housing." 

The Habitat meeting in Ellaville is at 11 a.m. Saturday at City Hall. The group is also still trying to raise funds for the project.