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All trace of Casino to be erased?



January 7, 2003

Radium Springs-- The Radium Springs Casino loses another vote to preserve the historic Dougherty County landmark. The Albany City Commission voted not to spend $11,000 to salvage some of the mouldings and paneling in the Casino.

With time running out, the City voted to ask the County Commission if they would pay half of the salvage cost.

But Mayor Tommy Coleman says the County has already made clear they are not interested. “It doesn't seem to me that there is going to be anyway of saving the building, as many people would like, because of these federal regulations that require Dougherty County to tear it down,” said Coleman.

The Radium Springs Casino has to demolished by Mid February, or the County will lose 15% of HUD funding for the flooded building. The State of Georgia has requested a waiver of that HUD deadline, but have received no response.

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